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Beat The Economy!!!


OK, the economy is not so hot. How is your business doing? Sales down? Maybe the economy has something to do with it, but are you really doing everything you could be doing? Are you as persuasive as you could be? Are you as focused as you could be? Do you ever procrastinate? Is your goal crystal clear? Does fear stop you? If you were at your best, would you be making more money?


Now is the time to “sharpen the saw”. Here is a great way to do it:


First decide specifically what you want. Increased profits? Increased sales? Write down the exact thing you are looking for. “I want $2500 in sales every week.” It is important to note what you want and when you want it. (Click here for great goal setting tips.)


Second, ask yourself what has been holding you back from having it. If you say “the economy”, then go back and re-read the article from the top. Here is a list of things that hold people and companies back from hitting targets and achieving goals:



Fear of Prospecting


Lack of Focus

Unclear Communication

Unclear Priorities

Dull Sales Skills

Inefficient Behaviors

Poor Time Management

Under-Effective Marketing Strategies

Being Stuck With Old Thinking Patterns

(See motivational matrix for more on this.)


Next, ask yourself, “How can I (we) overcome these challenges?” Some of these things can be handled just by the mere fact that you are more aware of it now. Other ways to overcome these issues would be to hire a results coach to work with you. I know of a number of coaches that can help with many of these areas, some will even guarantee results! Corporate training can be a great way to achieve these results. Make sure that any training you do is designed to change behavior. If training does not lead to behavior change, what good will it do? You want to be careful picking the company that trains your people. I would require a guarantee of results here as well.


Finally, take action! Nothing will change unless you act on it. How long are you willing to let things go off course? If things are on course, how much better could things be if you and your team were at your best? There is no better time than now to get what you want! You can do it. Go for it!

by Christian E. Mickelsen

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