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Anna Weber has long been a trusted advisor – to young employees, to co-workers, and ultimately to referred friends and professional associates.  She has always pushed the limit for her own personal and professional growth, allowing her to be a ready resource for others in a broad spectrum of areas.  A multi-faceted person, Anna has experienced an exciting range of careers, developing a wide-range of skills:  clothing designer (creativity and marketing); para-legal (analytical assessment and problem-solving); administrative management (organizational management and people resourcing), and ultimately coaching, where for the past 11 years she has been able to share with others through her personal philosophy, “Encouraging others to engage in positive actions.”

Personal Information

Anna has resided in sunny Arizona since 1986.  Having been born and raised in snow country, she sought a place in the sun where she could enhance her own life skills and ultimately live her life’s purpose of helping others to see, accept, and act upon being all of which they were born to be!  


Learning – at some point in our lives it is fun to realize that the more we know, we accept that there is more we need to know!

Music – at an early point in my life I realized that absolutely nothing fills my senses like music. 

Art – next to music, what better way to explore ourselves than to extend outwardly our emotions!

Charles! – we all need a best friend in life with which to share the joys we experience.


Who wants to admit to anything negative?  I have a philosophy about focusing only on the positive!


(Ditto/ Christian) Empathy and compassion, creative genius, very open and loving, curiosity about life, sense of innocence, very spiritual!  A very pragmatic person, I can take life in stride and help others be more balanced in their lives.


Sometimes I wish I could be more playful with life, develop the ability to hold others more accountable for their actions, and have at least one 28-hour day in my week! 

Favorite Movies

Somewhere in Time, It’s My Turn, You’ve Got Mail, and Jerry MacGuire…..   hmmm, is there a hidden romantic in here?  No,  I think these movies just touched me because the characters held on to beliefs and dreams and dared risk for something outside the norm.

Favorite Books    

I read everything from mystery to motivation, Russian history to the realities of personal development; however, I would hate to claim any favorites because the next author may pale in comparison to the constructors of the Bible, Napoleon Hill or Og Mandino.  I will just keep reading!



Achieving those goals which were most difficult for me, including but not limited to, developing, implementing and maintaining two successful businesses, obtaining a Master’s Degree, raising three successful children, and positively touching the lives of those who found their way to my energies.

Who I Am

A kaleidoscope!

What I value most

My creator, honesty, integrity, spirituality and creativity.

What I value least

Lack of respect, dishonesty, and people who fail to use the talents bestowed upon them by their creator.

Favorite Quote

They change from time to time, as do my needs.   Sometimes they are from a novel, sometimes a statement from a wise friend, and sometimes from God’s word.   In working with my clients, this one comes to mind:  "There is no scarcity of opportunity to live your dreams; there's only a scarcity of resolve to make it happen."