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Brook Montagna is a master business and life coach for professionals.  She is the founder of Mindful Life Coaching, a business devoted to helping professionals advance their careers and live high-quality lives.  Brook works with individuals, couples, business partners, groups and organizations.  She inspires her clients to fully express their talents and to stay in integrity with their goals and dreams, empowering them to take actions for a more rewarding life.



Brook Montagna, Business and Life Coach, possesses a unique combination of analytical skills, academic knowledge and a compassionate understanding of human motivations and behaviors.  She holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Analytical Chemistry and a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology. She is a Certified Mindful Coach, CA Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, WA Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified Tele-Class Leader, and workshop facilitator.  Brook also has a diverse background as a research chemist with Union Carbide, as the co-founder of a multi-million dollar environmental disposal company, as a student counselor in a University setting, as owner of a successful psychotherapy practice, and most recently as a business and life coach for professionals and entrepreneurs.

Currently, Brook has a thriving professional coaching practice with local, national, and international clients.  She uses all of her experience and education in her work with clients to help them understand themselves better so that they can move through blocks or old patterns and effectively take action to create the results they want in their personal and professional lives.  Coaching is Brook’s life purpose and she loves it.  An important part of her work is opening up possibilities for her clients and believing in their greatness.  “I work with clients who are driven to live life to the fullest, to strive to be their best selves, and to make significant contributions to others while living a balanced, mindful, and high-quality life.  It is very gratifying to see my clients grow into their full potential and create more success and happiness for themselves than they ever thought possible.


I love mountain and canyon hiking and take several exciting hiking trips per year.  My favorites are Mt. Whitney and the Grand Canyon.  I also love travel, sculpture, and music. 


Planning, strategizing, team player, loyalty, integrity, compassion, and a great sense of humor.


Taking on too many projects at once, sometimes taking myself too seriously.

Favorite books:

“Wherever You Go, There You Are” by Jon Kabat-Zin, “The Power of Now” by Eckhardt Tolle, “When Things Fall Apart”, by Pema Chodron,  “Bird by Bird” by Anne Lemott, “The Guide Book to Guys” by Dave Berry.

Favorite quote:

“If you think you can - or you think you can’t – You’re right.”  Henry Ford