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Dan Blanchard the parent of a teenager and full-fledged, serious runner. He is also an avid backpacker and likes to take lengthy long weekend hikes with his canine companion, Karma.



Personal Information:

Birthday:                   January 28, 1955

Home Town:              Shreveport, LA

Current Residence:      Louisville, KY

Marital Status:           Divorced (once)
Previous Residences:   Dallas; Chicago; Singapore; New York; Mooringsport, LA; Baton Rouge, LA; London, ON; Dixie, LA; Shreveport, LA


  • Incongruous gatherings (examples: peace activists and gunrunners, hip-hoppers and conservative old white guys)

  • Learning from surprising sources (got a great tip from a homeless person recently)

  • Movies, backpacking, running

  • Screening candidates for the next Mrs. Blanchard

  • Exotic destinations:  working on another Kalalau trip, Milford Track, and Istanbul


Little Debbie Fudge Brownies


Coaching Style: Dan considers his coaching style to be edgy, direct, cuts through the unnecessary.  Very acknowledging and affirming.  Notices your talents and strengths.  He's insightful, sees things others can't articulate.



Charismatic, inspiring, generous, energetic, compassionate, penetrating, creative, interested, engaging, funny


Prone to depression, lazy, procrastinating, judgmental, cynical


Favorite Movies:

l love watching movies and talking about movies.  Some favorites include; The Shawshank Redemption, The Lion in Winter, Pulp Fiction, The Seven Samurai, The Maltese Falcon, Run, Lola, Run, Far From Heaven, Pleasantville



  • High school jock, all-state shortstop, school newspaper editor (a Jesuit high school)

  • 1st job after college - ran an international job exchange program.  Got to run around the world and play manager for 2 years

  • 80's - associate and partner at several institutional venture capital fund managers

  • 90's - The Executive Committee, a mastermind community for business owners

  • 90's - Sandler Sales - started, ran and sold a successful sales training business

  • 90's -00's - coaching sales and financial professionals, business owners, and solo-preneurs

Academic Accomplishments:

  • BS in Business (Finance), Louisiana State University

  • A (Finance and Marketing), University of Chicago

  • "Undergrad" Coach School:  Coach University (

  • "Grad" Coach School:  The Graduate School of Coaching (