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Maria Marsala, known as Coach Maria or The Resource Queen, is the author of Corporate Secrets for Small Business Succe$$. 

business owner at the age of 14 with Avon, Maria moved into the high-powered world of Wall Street Bond Trading before a car accident forced her to rethink her career and life goals.  It was then that she found the profession of coaching and hired a coach.  In 1998 Maria started a business that has evolved into a national company called "Elevating Your Business."  Her motto is "Be the person who makes your heart smile" and she's into helping others create a life they live and a business with multiple streams of small business income.

Maria has successfully consulted, coached and trained over 1000 individuals nationally. She takes the best of high-tech and combines it with a high-touch, committed, and nurturing approach. This approach helps her clients move from the overwhelm of "busy-ness" to the pleasure of business - making more money, marketing with integrity, working less time, giving back to their communities, and enjoying their lives and families.
She has authored more than 200 business articles that appear worldwide in books, e-books magazines, and newspapers. A sought-after public national speaker, Maria shares her business foundation and marketing strategies with diverse groups. She has also appeared on numerous radio and TV shows.
Personal Information: Maria is bi-coastal, currently living in Poulsbo, WA, but is a very proud native New York'er having been born in Brooklyn and lived a majority of her life (so far) by the beach in Staten Island. She enjoys computers, reading, volunteering, cooking, theater, socializing and anything to do with beaches and water.  And is currently seeking that "right guy" and a life partner.

Vices:   great food.

Strengths:   Kick butt, no BS kinda gal.

Weaknesses:  In business - gave away too much for free.  Personally - trying to fit way to much into one day.

Favorite Movies:
 Dances with Wolves, Sound of Music, love stories.

Favorites Books:
  Self-help books, business and mysteries.

: Do you have a day!  I've always lived a full life but my biggest accomplishments are being a mentor to 200 teenagers and my community activism efforts as a champion of clean beaches and water.


Who I Am:  I'm a no BS kinda gal who will help you walk through the fluff and get to the core of what needs doing! I believe in making things SIMPLE.


What I Value Most:  Honestly, communications, connection.


What I Value Least: Drama Queens (love helping get them out of this mode though)