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Now You Can Have a Great Biz Plan With Ease!

Answer these 25 simple, yet powerful questions and you're on your way!


  1. What business are you in? (describe it to me as if I was a 5th grader).

  2. Why are you in this business? 

  3. What will it give you personally?

  4. Do you intend to make this business your life's work?

  5. Do you ever plan to make this business self sufficient (meaning it can run even if you never walk through the door)? By when?

  6. What is your company's mission (in 15 words of less)?

  7. What pain does your product/service eliminate or reduce?

  8. What specifically makes your business different and better than your competition? (don't say "great service", if service is your competitive edge, what specifically do you do in your biz that's different than everyone else... delivered within 24 hours?, always talk to a live person?, always be alerted to the status of a shipment?) Note: This one is very important. Finish the rest of this form and if you want more ideas on this question, refer to the lesson "Become the Undisputed Champ In Your Industry" or talk to your business coach.

  9. What specifically makes you better than you competition?

  10. How will you get 1000 prospective buyers interested in what you offer?

  11. How will you make your customers raving fans (not just satisfied)?

  12. How will you know that your customers are really happy with what and how you are delivering on what they expect?

  13. What weak areas do you and your business have?

  14. How will you compensate for these weaknesses (hint: outsourcing to another company, training to improve, hiring an expert, other)?

  15. How healthy is the industry/market you are serving?

  16. How much money do you want/expect to make this year (personal income)? Note: see lesson "How to set great business goals" or talk to your business coach if you have questions on how to decide what number to shoot for.

  17. What do you think your total costs/expenses will be for the next 12 months?

  18. What is your profit margin?

  19. What do your total sales need to be in order for you to have the personal income you want? (note: add personal income to your expenses and you get your needed gross sales). 

  20. Who is your sales force?

  21. What do you plan to do to make them more effective?

  22. How will you know how effective they are or are not?

  23. What can you do to make your success an absolute certainty?

  24. What actions will you need to take to be certain of reaching your goals?

  25. Who can you bring in that will make achieving your goals faster and easier?

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