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Explosive Business Growth:

“Becoming The Undisputed Champ In Your Industry!”

- How To Win All The Customers & Enjoy The Prize Money!

The Keys To Becoming A Top Contender!

1.    Put Your Eyes On The Prize! You want lot’s of goals: 6 months goals, 1 Year, 3, 5, 10, 20, etc. You want your goals in financial terms – Dollars and Cents. (OK, maybe just dollars). Be sure to throw in some personal fun goals: Travel the world, run your biz from the beach, etc. – These are the ones that will really inspire you.

2.    Modesty! Being the champ means knowing that you can’t be the best at everything. It’s impossible to be the highest quality, the fastest delivery, the best customer service, charge the least, and still make money. So, don’t bother! Pick what you think matters most to your customers or what you enjoy most, or what you think most resonates with what you want your company to stand for – and be the undisputed best at that!

3.    Get Strong! It’s time to hit the gym… This is where champions are born. Activities:

A.   Why are you the best? Answer this question in as many ways as possible.

B.   Turn these answers into “Overt Benefits”: Concrete, specific, and obviously compelling reason why people want what you have to offer.

C.   Create Ads of Steel! What is the rock-solid reason for potential buyers to believe what you have to say? Where’s the evidence?

D.   Be the only one left standing! What is the glaring difference that is so dramatic you are the only one left standing in your weight class?

4.    Start To Brag! When you know you’re the best, it isn’t bragging… it’s just stating the facts! In every way possible, let people know that you are the best. Put it in your billing statements, on your advertising, on your door, everywhere that a customer can hear about it.                       


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