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        EASY INFLUENCE: Closing The Sale

The 5 Keys to Closing More Sales

1.    Stop Selling! No one likes to be “sold”. People want to be helped. If you’re not closing as many sales as you would like, it’s probably because you want a sale (or worse you need a sale). Start looking for ways you can help. That should really be why your even there.

2.    Forget about your product/service! Prospects rarely buy because of how great your product is. They buy because they have a situation that is not quite optimal (or down right horrifying). 

3.    Find the Pain! Whatever their situation is that’s not the way they want it to be, it has consequences/ramifications. This is where the pain is. What is this situation costing them? Financial cost and what’s the emotional headache?

4.    Find the Value! It doesn’t matter what your price is. What would it be worth to your prospect to be able to turn this situation around? In real dollars! You find this out by asking questions, not by telling her anything or by giving a sales presentation. If her perceived value is higher than your price all you have to do now is…

5.    Heal the Pain! Show how your product will solve the problem/improve the situation and explain why you’re the best value. Not the best price, but the best value. You do this by differentiating yourself (not by bashing the competition). The prospect will want to work with you over someone else anyway at this point if you seem credible and your price does not seem out of line (ie: $10,000 for a screwdriver).

by Christian E. Mickelsen

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