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        EASY INFLUENCE: Closing The Sale

The Top 5 Techniques For Leaving With The Order!

  1. Invitational: This is a “no brainer”, but is works very well. Many times sales people lose the sale because they never ask for it. This is a gentle and comfortable approach. “Would you like to go ahead with this now?” It’s a very soft and unassuming approach that makes everyone feel comfortable. And, it’s direct enough to force a decision. If they say no, then you can start working to overcome objections. Or, “If you like what I’ve shown you, why don’t you give it a try?
  1. Authorization Close: If you clearly see that the value of what you offer will really pay off for the prospect then of course they would want to buy. Say, “OK. If you’ll just authorize this, we can get started” as you turn the contract toward him and hand him a pen.
  1. Process Close: “OK. The next thing we need to do is for you to fill out this form. Then we’ll take it back to the office for approval. Then, we’ll call you up within 48 hours to schedule the installation or we could schedule it now if you prefer.
  1. Preference/Incremental Close: “If you were going to take this one, what color would you want, red, blue, or black? Do you want this delivered or will you pick it up?  How soon do you need it? Cash, check, or charge?” Asking about these features puts their focus on what they want and not on “yes or no”. Plus, when you ask these questions on the small details they add up in the prospects mind. The cumulative effect is that buying becomes cemented in their mind.
  1. “Lost Sale” Close: After it seems there is no use in wasting any more time, get up and put your things away and start to leave. Then say, “Ms. Prospect, I’m curious. Most of the people I speak with in your situation are quick to take advantage of our services. I’m sure you have reasons for wanting to think it over. Do you mind if I ask what they are?” Or “Did I not explain things clearly or is it the price?” Then you can start overcoming objections. “If you changed your mind and went ahead with this, what would have changed your mind?”

by Christian E. Mickelsen

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