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Easy Influence: Prospecting


The 5 Keys to Comfortable & Effective Prospecting

  1. Gain Rapport & Trust Immediately! 1st, cut to the chase. People are so busy and get so many calls these days, so don’t mess around with pleasantries. 2nd, be totally up-front & honest with your prospects: “This is a sales call. Do you want to hang up?”. Make them feel comfortable saying “no”. “If at the end of the call you are only 99% sure you want to meet with me, please say ‘no’”.
  1. Communicate at the appropriate level! The best prospectors that I’ve experienced always use the inferior position. Then, after they have gained rapport they may come up to the equal level. The inferior posture is disarming! I’m not sure the superior level will ever come in handy.
  1. Be clear on your outcome! If you do not make it clear what you want to have happen, then you’ll get what you asked for. You can even tell your prospects what you want up front. “I want to help as many business owners triple their business as possible, including yours. But, don’t hire me unless you are absolutely sure this is the right thing. If it’s not, please be respectful to me and say “no”, not I’ll think about it.
  1. Establish Mega-Credibility! The way you look and talk, your attitude, the materials you present, testimonials, lists of satisfied customers, if you came in by referral, any credentials or demonstration of expertise, size of company and length in business, the appearance of quality in the product or service.
  1. Only Prospect Your Target Market! Stop wasting time on inappropriate prospects. Stop wasting time on so-so prospects. Go after your ideal prospects. Define them in every way imaginable. “Enjoys paying for valuable products/services that will help him/her grow their business.” “Is friendly and courteous to salespeople.” Etc.

by Christian E. Mickelsen

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