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How To Have Energizing Business Goals!


Everything you want from your business starts here, but setting business goals can seem so separate from the realities of running your business from day to day. Following these ten simple steps will make the process, easy, clear, and fun!


Ten Simple Steps:

 1)      Start with your personal profit! Begin with how much net cash money you want to make this year.

2)      Gross profits! Then figure out how much your company’s gross sales will need to be, minus expenses in order for you to enjoy that amount of personal income.

3)      Break these goals down into quarterly and monthly goals (or even weekly goals!)

4)      Add some inspirations! Numbers do not inspire us. In fact money doesn’t even inspire most people. It’s what we are planning to do with the money that drives us. Some examples: Take a whole month off, take a trip to Hawaii, add $200K to my retirement fund so I can retire in 4 years, buy a blue Lexus SC430 with bird eye maple console and beige interior.

5)      Be very specific with your goals. The more detail you put into your goals the more real they become, and the more likely you will be to achieve them.

6)      Have visual representations of your goals, so you can see them every day. I have pictures of my top 7 goals on my “new reality” board.

7)      Make ALL of your motivations conscious. There are a lot of unconscious drivers of our behavior. Underneath it all is our desire to gain pleasure and avoid pain. Do a 'motivational matrix' to uncover these unconscious drivers. Look at the pain AND pleasure associated to achieving these goals.

8)      Get together with your key staff and help them set goals. When they are involved they take ownership of the goals and are more likely to achieve them. Remember to have inspirational goals attached to number goals for them too.

9)      Some of the more progressive companies will post their financial goals for all employees to see and keep a score chart to show how they are doing. This creates a team atmosphere. But, many owners would never do this out of fear that this would make their employees want a bigger piece of the pie. I say great let them want more, but also help them to be more valuable or achieve more in order to get more.

10)     Just do it! Putting your goals in writing in any way shape or form is 1000 times better than keeping loose goals in the back of your mind.

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