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How To Hire The Perfect Person Every Time!

10 Steps To Super Success.

  1. Get crystal clear on their duties up front.

  2. Describe in detail (in writing) exactly what you are looking for: Personality, skills, disposition, how they interact with others, etc.

  3. Determine your evidence strategy. “How would you know if this person met your requirements?”

  4. Describe the type of boss/manager/leader you need to be in order to attract this person.

  5. Grow yourself into that.

  6. When placing an ad, list all of the benefits up front to attract as many people as possible.

  7. When placing an ad, list all of the important qualifications second to eliminate as many people as possible that are clearly not the right fit.

  8. Let everyone know you are looking for someone for this job; customers, other employees, friends, etc. Even offer rewards.

  9. Always perform your “due diligence” to check references. In an interview people are trying to impress you so they are going to come off a little better than they probably are.

  10. Have a trail period of at least 90 days to really see if this person is a natural fit.

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