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"Get Coaching Clients" Tele-Class Transcript


Sky-Rocket Your Confidence As A Coach

Coaching Questions:                                 

  1. ·        What do you want to change, improve, speed-up, or make easier?

  2. ·        What do you want?  What motives you?

  3. ·        What are the top three things that will get you closer to your goal?

  4. ·        What is it going to take to achieve…?

  5. ·        What do you think losing weight will give you?

  6. ·        Can you get __________ and still not have ________?

  7. ·        If you don’t lose weight, how will you feel?

  8. ·        What do you think it’s going to take for you to lose 10 lbs?

  9. ·        What needs to happen in order for you to…?

  10. ·        What do you need to do to make your first goal happen?

  11. ·        Will you do (what you need to do)?  When?

  12. ·        How will you know that you have achieved…?

  13. ·        How will you overcome those challenges?/How will you get past that? 

  14. ·        How will you get past that?

  15. ·        How many steps will you achieve by next week?

  16. ·        How many items on your action list did you complete?

  17. ·        What is that important to you?  Why do you care about that?

  18. ·        What do you think?

  19. ·        People usually have the answers.  If a client says they don’t know, it may be a cop out or a way to get off the hook.  If the client says this you can ask them, “I know you don’t know right now, but what if you did know what would it be?”

  20. ·        Cost analysis:

  21. o       What will you gain by doing this?

  22. o       What will you lose by doing this?

  23. o       What will you gain by not doing this?

  24. o       What will you lose by not doing this?

  25. o       What kept you from achieving…?

  26. ·        How has coaching impacted you positively or negatively?

  27. ·        What did you get out of this?

  28. Why was it valuable?

Coaching Forms:

- Agreement Form (pdf file)

- Agreement Form (pdf file)

- Agreement Form (pdf file)

- Intake Form (personal)

- Intake Form (Biz)

- Prep Form (word doc)

- Prep Form (pdf file)

- Well Formed Outcomes (pdf file)

[I use this a lot when looking to help people make mental shifts.]

- Workshop Evaluation Form (word doc)

[Great way to collect email addresses for your newsletter and prospect lists. PLUS, a great way to set up FREE coaching sessions which can lead to paying clients!]