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Explosive Business Growth:

Marketing rEvolution: How To Create A Marketing Machine That Generates A Large Steady Flow of Prospects


The 5 Keys To A Powerful Marketing Machine

1.    A Big Fat Goal. You want lot’s of goals: 6 months goals, 1 Year, 3, 5, 10, 20, etc. You want your goals in financial terms – Dollars and Cents. (OK, maybe just dollars). Be sure to throw in some personal fun goals: Travel the world, run your biz from the beach, etc. – These are the ones that will really inspire you.

2.    A Big Picture Focus. Think long term! Think “All encompassing”. Think “Step-Ups”! Everything you do is about bringing people to the next level. EX1: Start with networking, then a free workshop, then a paid workshop, then a consulting contract, then customized training, then … EX2: Start with a newspaper ad, then give away a free sample, then sell the small one, then the medium sized one, and then “the whole enchilada”. When deciding on Marketing Vehicles choose ones that flow well together and keep in mind your opportunity costs.

3.    Systemize! If you don’t make this a system, then it’s just a bunch of marketing tactics loosely held together. But, if it’s a system, then you can see how all of the parts inter-relate together. EX: That ad generates 5 calls/week. Current client referrals generate 2 calls/week. 86% of the time customers take advantage of our FREE consultation, 63% of these convert to coaching clients, 24% of these clients refer other potential clients. When you systemize, you know what’s going on and you can see how one thing affects all the rest. If you make 1 more call each day, that will lead to 1 more sale each month. Comparing the effectiveness of certain ads becomes easier –Ad “A” netted an average of 25 customers through the door. Ad “B” netted 17.

4.    Remove the Friction! Make it easy for people to do business with you. Don’t force people to follow all of your “step ups”. Allow people to jump to the top if they want (unless, as in college classes, there is a pre-requisite). Friction is whatever gets in the way of flow.  In business, it makes sense to identify what your customers/potential customer will actually DO, not what they could, should or need to do. Craft your marketing process based on this and you'll be marketing to where the person IS and how they will buy, NOT where they should be or how you would prefer them to buy. The questions to ask yourself: What am I doing that is causing friction for my potential customers? What am I doing that is causing them delay, frustration or confusion?  What am I doing that's forcing them to figure out how to buy from me? EX1: Having one long line is a lot of friction versus several short lines. EX2: Free Delivery is less friction than charging for it. EX 3: Money Back Guarantees. EX 4: Having an 800#. EX 5: Telephone meetings versus in person.

5. Consistency!  So many business owners run around trying 10 different marketing strategies haphazardly with sporadic results. What you want to do is identify your #1 way to get new customers and do that over and over and over at regular intervals. Then think about another strategy that will work for you and do that one consistently. And so on... until you have an endless stream of prospects coming to you.                      

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