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Marketing Tactics


These are the Top 15 ways to market your products/services:


Important Note: Keep in mind that these tactics in and of themselves will produce widely varying results based on how effectively they are carried out. In the lesson "Marketing rEvolution: How to create a marketing machine that generates a large steady flow of prospects", we teach that one of the key factors for a successful marketing system is consistency. But, if you send out a mailer for 6 months in a row and get 0 results. It could mean that either the tactic is not a good one, OR it could mean that what you are mailing out (how you're executing the strategy) is ineffective.

  1. Advertising in a print publication: newspaper, magazine, phone-book, etc.

  2. Brochures: Informational pieces about your company/products/services. But, if you're smart you'll spend most of your print space talking about your potential customer's situation and write from his/her point of view.

  3. Commercials: TV or Radio

  4. Direct Mail: Sending a letter to your prospects, or including a coupon in a coupon mailer sent to people's homes.

  5. Fax Blast: Sending an offer to prospects via fax.

  6. Give-aways: Pens, paper weights, mouse pads, etc. that have your company's name on it can be left with your prospects and customers to help them remember you.

  7. Marketing calls: Commonly called the "cold call". Picking up the phone to contact prospects is still one of the most powerful ways to reach customers and gives you more control over your results.

  8. Networking: Chamber of commerce events, charity groups, networking groups, social functions, etc.

  9. Newsletters: Mail or e-mail. Create a community and keep people informed of what you're up to.

  10. Public relations (PR): Contacting the media about "news worthy" events that pertain to your company or offering yourself up as an expert for radio interviews, etc. Great ways to get instant credibility and free exposure.

  11. Referrals: Current clients, prospects, previous clients, and friends may all be able to share the name of a friend or associate who could use what you offer. The key here is to ask for it! Always.

  12. Trade shows: Pay for a booth at an industry event.

  13. Web-site: Starting out with a website that is like an "on-line brochure" is not bad, but there is a lot more you can do with on-line marketing. (see "The Ultimate E-Book For Growing Your Business Online")

  14. Workshops: Giving free or low cost workshops can give you exposure to a lot of people all at once. And if your smart about it, you quickly learn how to maximize the number of participants that become clients/customers. Workshops via tele-phone (tele-classes) are becoming very popular too!

  15. Write a book: Printed or an e-book. Creates credibility and people that buy it when you're not around may want to hire you/your company, or buy your products.

3 Bonus Marketing "Tricks":

  1. Leaving your latest offer or your web address on your voice mail or as an announcement while people are on hold is a clever way to educate your prospects/customers.

  2. Putting inserts into your invoices/billing statements with special offers can generate additional sales!

  3. Strategic alliances with companies that service the same prospects/customer base that you do can offer many opportunities to "cross-promote" your business to theirs and vice versa.


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