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Meet The Small Biz U Team!




My Friend,


Do you have a passion for making a difference in the world with your business? Do you light up when doing the work you love and building something bigger than yourself? If you want to reach a lot more people and make a rewarding living doing it, well I hear you!


Does this sound familiar?

  • The harder I try to grow my business, the more frustrated I become when it doesn't happen as fast as I'd like it to.

  • I'm overwhelmed with all there is to do and have little support to help me get it all done.

  • I know there's more to learn about growing my business, but I just don't have the time to learn it all, plus where should I start!

  • I feel burn-out creeping in and...

  • I just can't keep putting the same level of energy into my business as I did when I started.

If you have a passion for your business, but you're need to make more money at it, you must read on.


Your business is your passion, but it's also a product that needs to be marketed and sold. But, if you don't like sales and marketing it's probably because it seems very hard... at least right now. But, what if you have a proven step-by-step system, and what if it's broken down into little chunks that you can immediately use, and it's brought to you in a fun, interactive, and practical way... You can *become great* at marketing and selling your business to the people out there who could really use it!







Mathew Becker

More Proof...

"I signed up for the 'More Business Accelerator' program and called the coaching hotline to prepare for a TV segment about how men are staying younger looking, featuring my San Diego based company

Based on the coaching I received, I concentrated on identifying "the pains of the average man" that my product can solve. We emphasized that 500,000 men paid for facial cosmetic procedures in 2004 that could have been avoided with the proper skin care. My phone rang off the hook, the website rang up sales, and another TV station called to follow up the story. Now that's an Accelerator!"



We Live In Different Economic Times that call for different methods!



Sadly, the truth is that what worked in the past isn't going to cut it in today's marketplace. According to John C. Beck, author of "The Attention Economy", we are exposed to over 3000 commercials/day! We're becoming ADD when it comes to advertising. For most of us, we can't place ads in the NY Times and hope to make a fortune. We have to be careful and very strategic with how and where we spend our marketing dollars! Even bigger companies must be conservative.


What most businesses do: Fly by the seat of their pants, and then when they are approached by an advertising company, they make a decision to advertise or not on a case by case basis. Trust me, that's not an effective marketing strategy! That's how I nearly lost one of my first businesses. It's time for something more robust and scientific!



Mona Grayson

More Proof...

Before I joined the MBA program I had a list full of projects that I wanted to get done and I was confused about how to prioritize them. They all seemed important!

Now that I'm calling the hotline a couple of times a week, I'm not worried that my projects are going to slip through the cracks because I have a much better system for figuring out what needs to happen next.

It feels so good to know that the coaches are there to help me stay focused and give me ideas as I develop the projects. I can really tell that they care about me and my business and I'm so grateful to have them on my team. 



What If...


Have you ever played the "what if" game? Not the one where you imagine what will happen if everything falls apart (most everyone plays that "fun" game). The game I'm talking about is the one where you imagine what if everything works out the way you want it to. Most people don't play this game often enough.


What if you...

  • just do the parts of your business you enjoy most?

  • you can make great money without sacrificing your personal life?

  • you can afford to take plenty of vacations and the business gets better while your gone?

  • work less and make more money?

You Can! Yes, it's true. And it's not as hard as you may think.



The Missing Piece...


Yes, you'll discover the "how to". You know, the step-by-step way to grow your business fast, AND you'll increase your sales and marketing skills (which will speed up your results). However, the challenge is that having the skills and the step-by-step system, is not enough! There are a few more critical pieces to the puzzle and this is where most people get hung up.



Kevin Dervin,

More Proof...


My vision of where I want to go with my business and what I want to get accomplished seemed pretty clear. But, there's just so much to do and I was feeling overwhelmed, unorganized, and un-prioritized.

I was frustrated by my slow progress. The More Business Accelerator Program is a tremendous resource for helping me stay focused and moving my business forward. Christian's Business Breakthrough session helped me see that it was my own self-doubt that's been holding me back.

Now I'm feeling more in control and making great progress. It feels so awesome to know that I have a whole community of coaches and other business owners that won't let me fail.

- Kevin Dervin



That Thing Between Your Ears...


Yes, your brain, or more specifically, your mind is one of the pieces that gets overlooked. What this really means is that even if you know what to do (your plan) and you know how to do it well (your skill), you may still get stuck from time to time! That's why you need to *Master Your Psychology*.


Do you ever doubt yourself or your ability to make things happen? Will people believe in you? Trust you? Listen to you? Do you wonder if you're smart enough, good enough, or strong enough?


The truth is that we all have doubts, fears, and limiting thoughts, that can slow us down, or stop us! And the worst part about it is that most of us aren't really aware of them. Why? Because the #1 way most people deal with these things is to push them away and deny they exist. It makes sense to do so because if we don't know how to get rid of them, wallowing around in them doesn't seem to do any good.


The Cure For Mental Hang Ups

& Much More...


You can work with our team of coaches to learn how to *Master Your Psychology*!  Not only will we teach you techniques to eliminate doubts, fears, and limiting thinking, but you'll be able to work with our team practically anytime you need help. We have a hotline open 8 hours/day M-F. So if something comes up, you can call in.


Use the business coaching hotline when:

  • Key employees quit? Call the hotline.

  • Big sales meeting coming up? Call the hotline.

  • Need another pair of eyes on your marketing materials? Call the hotline.

  • Want help with your business plan? Call the hotline.

  • Are you procrastinating something? Call the hotline.

  • Want to talk through your marketing plan? Call the hotline.

  • Need better time management? Call the hotline.

  • Want to increase your internet marketing? Call the hotline.

  • Need to systemize a process (or your whole business)? Call the hotline.

  • *When in doubt... Call the hotline!*




Business Development

Coaching Program



You Get...

A 6 month program focusing on the the step-by-step actions you need to take to grow your business. You'll meet with 2 of our coaches 2 times/month (along with the other participants in the program) via tele-conference.


During these 2 session/month we'll help you:

  • clarify & refine your vision.

  • create a strategic action plan.

  • upgrade your skills

  • master your psychology.

  • stay on track!

  • much, much more...


And You Get...

Unlimited Access To 1-on-1 Business Coaching:

We have a "coaching hotline" set up and you can call it as often as you want.

It's available 8 hours/day, 5 days/week!


Our coaches can help you to:

  • Craft your business plan

  • Develop your marketing strategy!

  • Create your marketing materials.

  • Plan your website.

  • Role-play sales situations!

  • Eliminate your procrastination!

  • Clear away business and sales fears.

  • Manage your time more effectively.

So, What's the Price Tag?


This program is scheduled to be $3500 and for everything that's included over the 6 month period, it's a steal! But, right now, we're having a special promotion. Before I tell you about the special promotion, you'll be glad to learn about our guarantee!


30 Day unconditional satisfaction guarantee!

Try it out! Call the hotline for unlimited coaching all month long, take our classes, use the coaching business building resources for a whole month. If you don't love the program, and feel in your heart that this program is the absolute best thing for you, then don't stay in the program. You can cancel and get a full refund!



Special Offer #1:

Right now, you can grow your business with all of these resources, for $2400. AND, you can make 6 payments of $400/month. Click to enroll with this option. Or...


Special Offer #2:

If you want to save even more money, you can enroll into the "pay-in-full" option right now and save even more. If you pay in full, the program is only $1800 (in 1 single payment). Click here to enroll with this option.
















Richard Villisana, Directory Services

Listen To Richard's Recommendation:

More Proof...


My company is Directory Services. We sell telephone books that are published in cities and regions throughout Mexico such as Mexico City, Guadalajara and San Luis Potosi. We are always looking for new ideas to help us expand our business. SmallBizU and its coaches have been incredible.

Having access to successful professionals with a wide array of talents and expertise has helped our company develop structure and organization. We have incorporated ideas such as the "Super Success System" scheduler. My week is much more productive because I use the system to schedule the items that need attention this week. More customers are receiving calls and more of the truly important items are being completed.

I value being able to pick up the phone and talk with another professional who is interested in the success of my company. Sometimes the greatest benefit I receive is having someone to bounce ideas off of. I recently just needed some input from a business person about ink vs laser printers. Inez was able to help me out. I know this isn't sales or marketing, but that's what makes SmallBizU so great.

We just finished a six-week course with one of their top coaches, Debbie Thorsen. She helped us define our mission statement. I was able to ask about marketing problems I have had. I had several people giving me ideas. Where else can you find eager and willing businesspeople who are a phone call away? I hope every one who is in business or is thinking about starting a business becomes part of SmallBizU's coaching program! [The More Business Accelerator, the program you're reading about.]

  Still not sure? Click Here.


Best of Success,

Christian E. Mickelsen

CEO, Small Biz University™ And...

The Small Biz U Team



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