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Motivational Matrix: Use this tool to uncover what motivates you to move toward what you want and what motivates you to stay where you are! 

Taking Action:  

Pleasure: What will you gain by taking action and achieving your goals? 

Pain: What will you have to give up or lose out on in order to take these actions and achieve these goals?


Staying The Same:

Pleasure: What do you get to keep or do that you will enjoy if things stay the same?

Pain: What will bother you or hurt you if things stay the way they are? What will you miss out on?





If you were to go 


Example:  Growing my sales by 30%               

Taking Action:  


  1. Increased income. 

  2. I can buy a new car. 

  3. I can put an extra $25K  into my retirement fund. 

  4. I will feel proud of myself for accomplishing my goal.

  5. I'll feel more confident because I achieved what I set out to do.

  6. I'll feel more free because I will have more options available to me such as buying new clothes, traveling, eating out etc.


  1. I'll feel more pressure to get more done in less time.

  2. I'll feel less free because I'll feel obligated to doing more sales activity and have less free time in my schedule.

  3. The pain of making more marketing (cold) calls.

  4. The pain of rejection: I'll hear a lot more "no"s in order to get to more "yes"es.

  5. I'll have to spend more money on training in order to be more effective at selling and managing my time and business.

Staying The Same:


  1. I'll have more time freedom to screw off when I want to.

  2. I'll get to spend more time with friends.


  1. I won't be able to get the new car.

  2. I'll miss out on taking more vacations.

  3. I'll have financial struggles.

  4. I'll feel less powerful because I'm being lazy and ineffective.

  5. I won't be able to do the certain things that I want to do with friends because of financial limitations.

  6. I'll miss out on buying new clothes that I really want.

  7. I'll feel week because I'm not being all that I could be.











Now that you can see what is motivating you to move ahead and to stay the same... what are you going to do? Are you going to go for it or give up this pursuit?

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