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Top 10 Keys To Making Networking Work

  1. Feel comfortable initiating a conversation. If you are waiting for someone to come up and talk to you, you might end up waiting a long time. Other people can be afraid to start up a conversation and are just waiting for someone like you to break the ice. Act as if you are the host at every networking event.

  2. Always ask people about themselves 1st. Thatís what makes people interested in the conversation. People like to talk about themselves. And, it will usually get them to ask about you.

  3. Ask about their ideal prospect. If a business owner or sales person hears this question: ďWhatís an ideal prospect for you?Ē they will start to drool and get very excited to talk to you even more.

  4. Stay interested in the conversation. Always be thinking that even if this person is not a good prospect for you, they may know someone who is.

  5. Partner people up with each other. If you can put people together for mutual benefit, one or both of these people will love you for it. And, they just might return the favor with a referral down the road or even hire you!

  6. Ask about their challenges. First of all, if youíre at all savvy about sales you know that solving challenges is what your product or service is really all about (9 times out of 10), so hearing what their challenges are will do a couple of things:

    1. It will give them a chance to air their gripes and vent (this can build rapport).

    2. What if your product or service can solve the very challenge they are referring to? Bingo! Youíve got a hot prospect!

    3. You may be able to solve their problem some other way. Which makes you the hero! Big Brownie Points here! Or, you may know someone who can help them solve it. Now youíre back to point 5 above!

  7. Offer Your Time. If this person could be a good prospect for you, then ask for a meeting right on the spot. If youíve done all of the tips above, this person is practically in love with you. If you sense strong rapport between you and they seem interested in what you sell, offer to let them have some of your time. "If you'd like, I'd be willing to spend a few minutes with you to see if we could help you with your "XYZ" needs." See what they say. If they're up for it, get out your planner and set the appointment right there if possible.

  8. Stick With It.  In the world of networking, itís not who you are, itís not even who you know, itís who knows you and what you do. So, youíve got to get ďout thereĒ and keep at it. Especially when you first start out. Go to all the functions at first.

  9. Join a networking group or leads group. A networking group is a powerful group of professionals that are all thinking of each other when they run into people. If they hear about someone that needs a good lawyer, they pass the name on to the lawyer in the group. By now, since you are such a good networker, a lot of the people in your group will soon by passing prospects names and phone numbers to you.

  10. Network at non-networking places. If you are passionate about what you do, youíll want to start talking to people everywhere you go. You never know who the person is that could be sitting next to you on the bus, in line at the grocery store, or on your softball team. Be sociable and talk to people everywhere you go.

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