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All of our decisions are made for emotional reasons. We do everything to gain pleasure and/or to avoid pain. Most sales professionals spend FAR too much time presenting the features/benefits of their product/service and not enough time in the "needs assessment" phase. This is where 90% of the sale is actually made!


Master the art of finding the pain with "pain inducing questions" and showing the pleasure with "pleasure inducing questions" and you may close 3 times more sales!



Pain inducing questions are designed to find a client's needs and re-awaken the pain that  is being caused by that need.


Sample Questions:

What is the biggest challenge you are facing in this area? 

(this area meaning relating to what you sell).

Why is that a problem?  

(you just made it seem worse by calling it a "problem" instead of a "challenge". More importantly this should start the prospect talking about the implications/effects of the challenge.)

What's the worst part about that?  

(Focuses him/her on the most painful part of the situation).

What is that costing you? 

(Another implication/effect question).

How will this effect other areas of your life/business? 

(Draws the pain out into other contexts and awakens her to how serious this situation really is!).

How does that make you feel? 

(or how frustrating is that for you? -puts the person into the emotional state you are asking them about).



Pleasure inducing questions are designed to stir up the prospect's motivation to heal their pain by getting them the feel how great it would be for them to have the situation "healed".


Sample Questions:

If you had this situation exactly the way you want it to be, what would that do for you? 

(finds the implications/effects of having things be better than they were.)

What's great about this? 

(Focuses them on the benefits.)

How great will it feel to know that you have exactly what you need? 

(gets them to start feeling how great it will be.)

What's the best part about this? 

(gets her focused on the best part which will make her feel even better about making a change right now).

Once you improve this area of your life/business/job, how will that effect other areas of your life/business/job?




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