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Now You Can Grow Your Sales The Shocking Way!


I'll show you step by step how to reach new sales levels with GIANT steps

that allow you to leap frog past other sales reps in your industry!

Dear friend,

Of course you want to have your best sales year ever, but youíre not quite sure how to get the job done and youíre a little intimidated by the amount of work that might be involved. I can totally understand.

Thatís where I come in. Iíve helped hundreds of small business owners and sales professionals to double and triple their sales within short periods of time. What I hear them tell me over and over is how much easier it was than they thought. The reason why is because we fight against ourselves so much and that is what is so exhausting. When you can clear up all of the mental clouds so that you know exactly what you need to do, you do it well, and you get it done, then itís a lot easier for you to relax and get into the grove.

If you are anything like the 1000's of sales professionals working today, you are looking for a way to make sales happen more easily, more predictably, and more often. And, you probably don't get enough support from your boss. 

If you are sick of all the "pressure to sell" and want to find a better way to tackle the game of "mega-commissions" now, there's a better way! We've worked with 1000's of sales professionals over the last half decade and we've been able to isolate what the high achievers do that  never even enters the mind of most sales people. 

How this program will work for you:

You will be able to "coach" yourself to mega-success using our "Sales Shocker!" self coaching system.  Every week for 90-Days you will be receive an email with a powerful lesson, revealing self coaching questions, additional resources and your action item for the week.


Every week builds on the previous week, all the while you get better and better at all of the critical success factors leading to the HUGE pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!


You will:

  • Strategize Your Success! (find the best routes for marketing, strategic alliances, networking, and negotiations)

  • Master Your Psychology! (eliminate fears, worry, frustrations, procrastination, and heal your "sales wounds")

  • Maximize Your Environments! (take advantage of resources that your are most certainly overlooking)

  • Upgrade Your Sales Skills! (get really good at the 10 most important areas of sales success)

Sales Shocker 90-Day Self Coaching Program Includes:

         1 Sales Shocker Lesson every week!

         5 or more Sales Shocker Coaching Questions every week!

         1 or more Power Tools, additional resources included every week!


Bonus Materials!

         Live Training "How To Guarantee Your Best Sales Year Ever" Tele-Class! (Click here for details) A $95 Value!

     A 1-on-1 "