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From an Email Dated January 5th:

"I wanted to say that
I applied what I learned into a sales call I made this afternoon. I felt more comfortable and truly had the feeling of compassion towards what he was saying. When all was said and done, even after he told me "We have a contract with another company," he changed his tone and set up an appointment with me. I may add that I was very impressed with myself Thanks again!"

-Jillian Zimmerman, Sale Professional, Zoomers, Inc. 


Dear Friend,

Are you frustrated because people aren’t buying enough of what you’re selling?  Do you hate to sell because it seems no one wants what you are offering?  Do you feel like a pest when you talk to someone about your product or service?  Do you feel like you have to wear the “salesperson’s hat” to sell rather than just being yourself? Are you sick and tired of hearing, “Let me think about it and get back to you?”

 If lackluster sales are draining your business, your pocketbook and your sense of well-being, then you must read on. 

 I’m about to tell you about an audio coaching program that will give you a proven step-by-step system for transforming your sales success!    This system is so simple, so intuitive, so effortless that selling will become as natural as breathing.   You will marvel at how outstanding you can be at selling just by being yourself.

This program is called “Sales Surge!” and here’s what you’ll learn:

 ·        How To Guarantee Your Best Sales Year Ever!

·        How To Set Goals That Will Motivate And Inspire You!

·        How To Generate Leads So Prospects Are Calling You!

·        How To Entice Your Prospects To Take Immediate Action!

·        The #1 Reason Why Closing Is So Difficult and How You Can Be One Of The Few To Close Sales With Ease!

·        How To Develop Amazing Rapport Skills That Will Turn Prospects Into Loyal, Long-Term Customers!

·        How To Magically Turn Objections Into Sales Instantly!

·        How To Master Your Psychology To Be Powerful At All Times!

·        Lot’s More!

There are THREE other incredible things about this program:

1.     You don’t have to wait to listen to this – there is no product to ship - you can download it immediately when you order!  Access it today and start increasing your sales right now!

2.     It comes with a comprehensive learning guide so you will completely assimilate what you hear!

3.     You can listen to it over and over again – as many times as you want!

But don’t take my word for it, check out what a recent Sales Surge graduate has to say…

“The strategies and support from Christian Mickelsen's coaching has had a direct effect on my bottom line - my income is already up 50%!”

-John O’Neil, Industrial Real Estate Broker, Nicolson, Porter, & List, Inc.


What would it be like to achieve results like that for yourself?  You are just one click away from increasing your sales.  These are the typical results of Sales Surge graduates.  The same result could be yours…. imagine what it would be like to have massive sales revenue flow naturally your way!  Imagine having your business support the life you have dreamed about!

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Free Bonus #1

“Sales Shocker”

90-Day Self Coaching Program

(Valued @ $95)

You will be able to "coach" yourself to mega-success using our "Sales Shocker!" self coaching system.  Every week for 90-Days you will be receive an email with a powerful lesson, revealing self coaching questions, additional resources and your action item for the week.

Every week builds on the previous week, all the while you get better and better at all of the critical success factors leading to the HUGE pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!


You will:

·         Strategize Your Success! (find the best routes for marketing, strategic alliances, networking, and negotiations)

·         Master Your Psychology! (eliminate fears, worry, frustrations, procrastination, and heal your "sales wounds")

·         Maximize Your Environments! (take advantage of resources that your are most certainly overlooking)

·         Upgrade Your Sales Skills! (get really good at the 10 most important areas of sales success)


This Program Includes:

·         1 Sales Shocker Lesson every week!

·         5 or more Sales Shocker Coaching Questions every week!

·         1 or more Power Tools, additional resources included every week!


Free Bonus #2

Sales Surge Sales Manual
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Now you can take the power of Sales Surge with you wherever you go! If you order now you can receive all the Sales Surge lesson guides combined into one comprehensive, power-packed sales manual (in PDF format).  No more relying on hyperlinks to get the information.  Print out this manual and keep it in your office or brief case for easy reference!

 Free Bonus #3

Individual Sales Surge! Coaching Session
(Valued @ $150)

After you have listened to the program, call for a customized coaching session from a Small Biz U Coach to work on any area of the program you want.  This extra individual attention is a proven method to really get the power out of the program!


So here’s the deal….

If you act now, your investment for this life-changing program is only $377! Special Promotion Price: Just $97 until Jan 31st, 2005!

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Let me ask you this: What could one, two or even five extra sales per moth mean to your business?  But before I go on, let me mention that this program is so amazing that it comes with an extraordinary guarantee:


Here’s how it works: Simply try the “Sales Surge!” Audio program and put these powerful principles into practice for the next 6 months.  If you are not totally convinced that you are on your way to massively increasing your sales then we will refund your money back – no questions asked. 

So you see – there is absolutely no risk to try out this program.

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Have a magical day!


Christian E. Mickelsen

and The Entire Small Biz U Team!

P.S.: Remember you are receiving the powerful tools and strategies to skyrocket your sales for a small investment of only $377.

If you act now, your investment for this life-changing program is the

Special Promotion Price: Just $97 until January 31st, 2005!

P.P.S.: This program comes with a 100% Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee.  In other words, there is NO WAY you will pay for the program and not be totally and completely happy with the results!

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Sitemap to o/p/t/i/mi/z/e our site - otherwise you might not have found us so quickly!
Free glimpse of part of the program. This comes from part 3 of Lesson 4: The most important part of the sales process (Needs Assessment Part One).  3 Steps To Finding The Pain: There are many venues you can use to find the pain in your prospects.  The phone gives you the advantage of reaching more people faster.  However, you can have much more power to influence if you meet with the prospect in-person.  You can use coaching sessions, diagnostics, assessments and analytical tools to find the pain. No matter what venue or tool you use, you want to follow these steps to find the pain: Pleasure »»» Pain »»» Pleasure.
1. Identify The Ideal Situation. e.g., “If your health could be just what you wanted it to be, what would it look like? Here we want to identify the “gap” – the difference between the way they want it now and the way they want it to be.  Get them associated clearly with the ideal situation and what they would gain by attaining it. 2. Intensify The Pain. In this part of the discussion, you can ask a series of questions to identify the pain and then stack the pain by getting them to talk about their past, present and future pain as well as how this pain has affected other areas of their life. a.  “What are the biggest challenges keeping you from this goal?” The answer you get will show you their pain areas.  b.  “What is the impact of this challenge on your business (or on your life)? They will discuss their current situation and pain. c.  “How long has this been going on?  What has having these challenges cost you?  What have you been missing as a result of these challenges?” These questions will stack the pain, by getting them to talk about their past pain.d.  “If this doesn’t change, how will this impact your life over the next 5 years? Now you’re stacking future pain on top of current and past pain. e.  “How does this affect other areas of your business?  Your life?  If the challenge is preventing the prospect from achieving a business goal, it affects more than just his or her business.  How about the relationship with spouse? Kids?  Finances?  It always comes down to the individual. Note: It is really effective here if you can monetize (quantify the financial impact of) the problems.  This gives them a context to justify the purchase. f.  “What would you say is the worst part of this?” Here they will search their mind and sift through all the pain you just talked about and then they will weigh all the pain.  Next they will focus on the worst pain source. g.  “How does that make you feel?” Fill in the blank with a word they used earlier: bad, miserable, terrible, etc. 3. Take them back into the pleasure of an empowering alternative. This will be covered in Part II of Needs Assessment. Information on site optimization can be found at