How To Skyrocket Your Confidence As a Coach


Now you can enjoy more clients, income, and success in your coaching practice while ending the frustration of not being able to really get this thing going!


  1. First, understand that there is no such thing as a "perfect" coach. No matter how good your coaching is today, five years from now you may laugh at your present techniques, and five years from then... ditto! Plus, all the "masterful coaches" out there are not coaching perfectly either. Finally, you can have faith that the there is no better coach for the clients you attract because coaches and clients attract the perfect match for where each other are at this given moment in time.

  2. Get over feeling you need to have the perfect life before you are 'qualified' to coach others. EVERYONE has areas in their life that they are in the process of improving. Remember that we teach what we most need to learn, so if your relationships are a mess it could be right up your alley to be a relationship coach!

  3. Get all the experience that you can: coach everyone! The more you do it, the more comfortable you will get with coaching the more references you will have to support your growing belief that you are a GREAT coach.

  4. Work out a system/methodology  for your coaching and have an outline of it handy during your calls so that you have something to fall back on if necessary. My methodology includes 5 aspects: 1, know where you are going. 2, strategize your actions. 3, upgrade your skills. 4, maximize your environments. 5, master your psychology.

  5. Specialize in an area of coaching which you're familiar with: this will make you feel more comfortable with your clients. If you don't know anything about sales, you may not want to coach sales professionals. I'm not saying that you shouldn't, or that you would not be a great benefit to them. What I am saying is that you do what you are comfortable doing. Don't forge into areas that intimidate you (at least not at first!).

  6. Don't coach to your clients, collaborate with them!

    1. Get feedback

    2. Don't play the guru or act like you know it all

    3. Let yourself look stupid

  7. Set low expectations for yourself and high expectations for your client.

  8. Keep your fees at a rate which you're comfortable charging.

  9. Offer a money back satisfaction guarantee.

  10. Change your focus to what you do well in your coaching. Aren't sure what that would be? Ask your clients!

  11. Analyze the beliefs you have about yourself as coach, about coaching in general, and about your clients.

  12. Your body posture and your breathing pattern affect how you're feeling. Stand up now as if you have absolutely unstoppable confidence and then notice how you're posture. What position are your feet in, your shoulders, your head? How are you breathing? Use that position to connect with your confidence during a call.